About Cheese Making

Cheese Making is an old idea we have made new again with our cheese kits. Traditionally, making cheese would take place on the farm with fresh milk from a cow, goat, sheep of buffalo. Since most of us now live in cities, we often only have access to conventional, pasteurized milk. So, when making cheese from home think of yourself as an Urban Cheese Maker that makes artisan cheese!

Using a cheese kit is a great way to get started and to learn more about the basics of cheese making. We have made the process as easy as possible by providing easy to follow instructions and essential ingredients (enough for multiple batches) and specific equipment you might need. 

Each homemade cheese is unique and requires variations in ingredients, salting, aging and flavoring. Fresher, younger cheeses made in a short period of time, such as fresh mozzarella, sometimes require higher quality milk that has undergone less processing, like non-homogenized milk. (Contrary to popular thinking, organic milk is not necessarily the best choice for making Mozzarella because often it has been ultra pasteurized). The least processed the milk the more it allows you to make cheese more quickly with successful results. This is because cheese likes longer periods of time to form, so if you are changing the state of the milk in only 1 hour, you will need a stronger, lower processed milk that can withstand the change. Firm and aged cheeses also need good quality milk, but since it is a slower process the milk can withstand the process and therefore can be more processed.