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Milk Brand & Vendor Recommendations

Basic Milk Definitions:

Unpasteurized/Raw milk: Milk that has not been pasteurized, a process of heating and cooling milk to kill pathogenic bacteria and extend shelf life. Not legal for purchase in Canada.

Homogenized Milk: A treatment that emulsifies and reduces fat globules creating uniform milk, preventing a cream layer from separating out of the milk. This milk is pasteurized. 

Non-homogenized/Cream on Top milk: Milk that has been pasteurized, but not 
homogenized, therefore contains a layer of cream floating on top of the milk. This is less processed milk and recommended for cheese making. See list below for stores, brands and creameries that carry this milk. 

British Columbia:

Store: Whole Foods, Save on Foods, Thrifty Foods
Brand: The Farmhouse, Happy Planet Creamery, Avalon (glass bottles)
Type: Non-homogenized/Cream on Top/Whole/Standard

Creamery: Cowichan Milk Company, 
Type: Non-homogenized/Cream on Top/Whole




Store: Whole Foods, Organic Garage
Brand: Harmony Organics, Sheldon Creek Dairy
Type: Non-homogenized/Unhomogenized/Cream on top

Creamery: Limestone Organic Creamery
Type: Non-homogenized

 Search: https://harmonyorganic.ca/locate-a-store/




Store: Amaranth Whole Foods Market, Save on Foods
Brand:Vital Green Farms, Rock Ridge, Avalon (glass bottles)

Creamery:Vital Green Farms, Rock Ridge Dairy