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December 21, 2021 2 min read

Christmas is a time for traditions, from the obvious such as eating turkey on Christmas day to more individual family traditions like new pyjamas on Christmas Eve or a country walk on Boxing Day we all have our favourite traditions at this time of year. It is also the perfect time for enjoying your favourite cheese so we thought we’d take a look at cheese related traditions around the world.

Yorkshire Traditions 

In Yorkshire it is traditional to eat Christmas cake with cheese, the tradition is thought to have started with Wensleydale but cheddar and blue cheese such as stilton also work well. Not convinced? Try it, you might be surprised what a great combination it is.

Britain Cheesy Traditions

The Ceremony of the Christmas Cheeses is an annual ritual dating back more than 300 years. British cheese makers from across the country donate cheese to pay tribute to the heroism and sacrifice of our war veterans. The cheese is enjoyed by the Chelsea Pensioners at a special ceremony each year.
In Colombia Buñuelos are a festive favourite. The cheese fritters made of corn starch, butter and cheese are a popular tradition at Christmas time and are often served with natilla, a sweet dessert made out of milk, butter and cinnamon.
Most people leave Father Christmas a brandy and a mince pie but at JS Bailey we traditionally leave him some cheddar cheese with a glass of wine to go with it!

Wales Traditions 

In Wales it is customary to give bread and cheese to family, friends and neighbours on New Year’s morning.
In Plymouth, Wisconsin on New Year’s Eve they hold “the Big Cheese Drop” an 80lb pound replica of a cheese wedge is dropped at midnight to celebrate the town’s cheese industry. People who work and live here say there’s no better way to ring in the New Year!

Whatever your family traditions we hope some delicious cheese will be part of them. We think we might adopt some of the above and we can definitely recommend leaving Father Christmas some cheese and wine on Christmas Eve instead of or as well as his traditional mince pie! Enjoy!

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