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February 05, 2023 2 min read

Who doesn’t love cheese? It's creamy, rich and delicious. But did you know that it has a secret power? With Valentine's day right around the corner, cheese may be a great thing to add to your dinner plans. Believe it or not, cheese may be an aphrodisiac! While it may seem strange at first, the idea of cheese being an aphrodisiac actually goes back thousands of years. Let's take a closer look at why this could be the case. 

The History of Cheese as an Aphrodisiac 

Cheese has been associated with love and romance since ancient times. In Ancient Greece, for example, cheese was thought to be a powerful aphrodisiac because it contained high levels of tyrosine, which helps increase serotonin levels in the brain. As a result, those who ate cheese were said to have increased libido and desire. 

The science behind the claim is that tyrosine helps to boost dopamine levels in the brain, which can lead to increased arousal and improved mood. Additionally, eating cheese has been found to raise testosterone levels in both men and women, which can also lead to an increased libido. 

Cheeses with Aphrodisiac Qualities 

Not all cheeses are created equal when it comes to their potential aphrodisiac qualities. Some cheeses are more effective than others in boosting serotonin and testosterone levels; for example, aged cheddar contains higher amounts of tyrosine than other varieties of cheese do. Additionally, cheeses made from goat or sheep milk tend to contain higher concentrations of hormones like estrogen and progesterone, which can help increase romantic desire. 


Try it out!            

There is some evidence that suggests that eating certain types of cheese can indeed act as an aphrodisiac thanks to its role in increasing serotonin and testosterone levels in the body. While more research is needed on this topic before we can say definitively whether or not cheese should be added to your list of romantic foods, it certainly couldn't hurt! So next time you're looking for something special to share with your significant other (or just yourself!), consider grabbing some delicious cheese!

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