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January 06, 2023 5 min read

Welcome to 2023! Of course, you know about the big holidays such as Thanksgiving and New years eve, but did you know that throughout the year hundreds of people celebrate cheesier holidays!? Take a look at the list below and feel free to tell us which holidays you will be celebrating this year.   (Thank you to National Today for helping us with this list!)

January 2nd - Swiss cheese Day

This beloved smelly and holey cheese has stolen the hearts of many around the world. Swiss Cheese is a yellow, medium-hard cheese originating from around Emmental in Switzerland. Did you know that not all Swiss cheeses have holes? Since the holes in Swiss cheese are called ‘eyes,’ those without holes are ‘blind Swiss Cheese.’

January 20th - National Cheese Lovers Day 

Get ready to ‘Havarti’ a ‘gouda’ time, because it’s National Cheese Lover’s Day! Have you ever wondered how the first human discovered cheese? We’ve wondered that too, and we’ll probably never find out. All we know is that it was love at first bite; when the first human tasted the salty, tangy, delicious goodness of cheese, they were hooked. And we can definitively say that human history was forever changed. Cheese might have had mysterious beginnings over 7,000 years ago, but it’s insanely popular today. 

February - National Fondue Month 

Fondue is a Swiss melted cheese dish that is served in a communal pot (caquelon a fondue pot) over just a butane stove (réchaud) warmed with a lamp or spirit lamp and is consumed by having to dip bread into the cheese with long-stemmed forks. Fondue is a French word that means “to melt down,” and its history goes back to the 18th century. Some assume that fondue came forth as a solution to use up stale bread.

February 13th - National Cheddar Day

A very cheesy day, National Cheddar Day is celebrated annually on February 13. Created by the Tillamook County Creamery Cooperation, this day celebrates the amazing cheese type called cheddar, and all its edible products. Cheddar cheese hails from the actual city of Cheddar in Somerset, South England.

April - National Grilled cheese month 

Celebrate gooey, warm, cheesy, grilled cheese sandwiches which are a staple for people all over the world. Some as-yet-anonymous grilled cheese sandwich lovers likely founded this day as a tribute to their favorite food, and people have embraced these celebrations. There’s even a special National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day in April to make the celebrations extra special.

April 11 - National Poutine Day 

It was created in 2018 as a promotion for the dish. Poutine is most popular in the Quebec province of Canada but it is served and enjoyed in many different places. There are a few supposed origins of the dish. Credit can be given to Jean-Paul Roy, who in 1964, served the dish at his restaurant called Le Roy Jucep. He is known to be an early founder according to a copyright certificate issued by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

April 17 - National Cheeseball Day

Basic ingredients often include cheddar cheese, cream cheese, green onion, and spices — sometimes coated with chopped pecans. You can go vegetarian as well. Think of them as a kind of freestanding dip, with all of your favourite party flavours rolled into one compact package. Still can’t visualize man’s greatest creation? Read on, and get ready to smile demurely and quip, “Why, I did,” when you overhear fellow revellers asking repeatedly, “Who brought this amazing cheese ball?”

May 18th - National Cheese Souffle Day

On this day, people make and/or enjoy cheese soufflés, either alone or with friends and family. The word ‘soufflé’ comes from the French word ‘souffler,’ which means ‘to puff up’ or ‘to blow up.’ Vincent La Chapelle mentioned the recipe for the first time in his book “Le Cuisinier Moderne” and it has become a popular dessert as well as a main course.

June 4th - National Cheese Day 

Not to be confused with other popular cheese related holidays like grilled cheese day, cheesecake day, or mac and cheese day. This day is in reverence of the queen of all dairy, the big cheese.

June 25th - Goats Cheese Day

To celebrate the wonders and benefits of this distinctively acidic, tangy cheese, Goats Cheese Day is celebrated every June 25 as a way to appreciate and bask in its wonders. From the humble crumbly feta to the thick, viscous halloumi, goat’s cheese is a popular type of cheese consumed across the world.

July 14th - National Mac and Cheese Day 

It’s perhaps the king of comfort foods, the dominant dish of America, and a favorite of all ages all over the country: Macaroni and cheese. Golden and gooey, baked and hearty, this sideline staple or main dish can be served up any number of ways, and on July 14, you’ll have the opportunity to try as many of these as you can on National Mac and Cheese Day, also known as National Macaroni and Cheese Day.

July 25th - National Wine and Cheese Day

One of the most basic, yet classic food-and-drink pairings is wine and cheese. Sipping a tangy red or white between bites of a creamy, nutty cheese on a cracker is one of the most pleasant experiences around. 

July 30th - Cheesecake Day

Separately, cheese and cake are beloved all over the world. But taken together, they attract a veritable cult following. Cheesecake is thought to have originated in ancient Greece, as evidenced by its earliest mention in Greek physician, Aegimus’, a book on the art of making cheesecakes. Since then, cheesecake has been passed down through the generations and entered into the fabric of numerous cultures.

August - Goat cheese Month

For many people, the word ‘cheese’ brings up images of melted stretchy cheese but to others, it also brings up images of fluffy, tangy, and creamy goat cheese. This August, we are celebrating National Goat Cheese Month. Have it with your greens, with a bowl of colourful fruit, with roasted apples and peaches, or just with toasted bread — goat cheese goes great with almost anything and everything.

September 5th - Cheese Pizza Day

Hold the toppings, please! National Cheese Pizza Day is celebrated annually on September 5, and it’s time for you to celebrate in cheese-pizza style. We all love the classics, like pepperoni, pizza with pineapple, barbecued chicken pizza, or juicy meat lovers. But nothing surpasses the basics of holding a gently folded, single slice of melty deliciousness — the cheese pizza.

September 18th - Cheeseburger Day

Prepare to enjoy an American food icon — a cheeseburger oozing warm cheesy deliciousness on top of a moist, juicy patty (or two.) No matter how refined your palate might be, a good, old-fashioned cheeseburger seems to satisfy! Especially on September 18.

September 20th - Queso Day

Almost any cheese lover will tell you that the world got a little better the day that chilli con queso dip got invented. Chilli con queso, or “queso,” for short, is a delicious cheese dip that finds a home in a great deal of Tex-Mex cooking.

October 9th - Moldy Cheese Day

There are over a thousand types of cheese ranging in different styles, textures, and flavors depending on the origin of the milk, butterfat content, bacteria, and mold, etc. Blue cheese is the most popular kind of moldy cheese with brie and Camembert not too far behind on the list.

October 15th - National Cheese Curd Day

If you’re a total cheesehead, then get excited to celebrate National Cheese Curd Day on October 15. Culver’s created this holiday in 2015 and if you don’t already know, cheese curds are bite-sized nuggets of cheese — now you can see why they have a whole day designated to them, right?! 

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